Hey Beauties,
You all should know by now my stand on practicing sanitary as a Makeup Artist. Nothing irks me than seeing a Makeup Artist whip out dirty brushes and tools. My OCD  love for my tools ever looking "spick and span", has led me to look out for easy and new ways to keep my babies (brushes) clean.


Lunmas' Touch: Sultry in Sugarcane

Hi Beauties,
Hope your weekend went well. Mine was fine as I had several events which kept me busy. One of such was the Makeup & Beauty Connect Series(MBCS) which held yesterday. History was made as Makeup Artists who obviously share the same vision and passion gathered at the same time at different locations all over the country. Port Harcourt wasn't left out as our meeting was  interactive, informative and fun as well. Oops I digress, but the meeting made my Sunday to say the least.



Hello Lovelies,
Its a new year and we have God to thank for bringing us this far. Last year may not have been all that we wished it was but then, we have this new year 2016 to look forward to. We bless God for the gift of life, good health, family, sound mind and provision of His never failing grace and mercy.

Happy New Year loves



Hey Lovelies,
Hope the harmattan season is treating us well. Harmattan makes everywhere smell like Christmas and the fever is so on! I felt like doing something bronzy and warm in Today's Look. I had wanted to wear my gold lipstick by all means but it kept giving me this "sick and pale" look. I don't know if it was the eye shadow I paired it with or my complexion, but I decided against in and instead wore this Golden Bronze Lipstick. It turned out better looking.

Enjoy the pictures and get inspired by the products list.



The Harmattan season is officially upon us. It waltzed in, bravado style in all its windy, skin drying, lips chapping, low humidity glory. What more can we do, other than embrace its good parts and find our way around its not so pleasant sides. I personally love the harmattan season because once I put out my clothes to dry, before I spell H-A-R-M-A-T-T-A-N, my hangings are all dry and ready to take in. Tell me beauties, isn't that pure bliss. Unlike the rainy days where you practically dry clothes indoors. The thought of it alone sef is annoying! The season also comes with these cold winds that cools the body and makes you wish for it all year round.


TODAY'S LOOK | Sultry Green Eyes & Wine Lips

Hello December!!! The party/gift giving season is here and  my excitement knows no bounds.  I am excited because it's that time of the year when there are sooo many parties and events lined up and you know what that means for we Makeup Artists-wink wink, more money. What is more, I get the rare opportunity to see family and friends I haven't seen in a while during this Yuletide Season. We also use this period to exchange gifts, hang out and share fun times. In all. I thank God for bringing us this far to see the 12th month of the year. It can only be Him.



Hey Lovelies,
Are you a lover of all things beautiful? Are you a fashion lover? Get ready for this.The world of fashion is coming to the city of Uyo! Its the Uyo Fashion Festival.

The Uyo Fashion Festival is a 5 day event holding from the 7th to the 11th of December, 2015. This event is organised by Ukrika & Nsene, the Second Hand Store & Uyo's Number One Online Fashion Marketplace respectively; brands which are still under development & will be launching full scale to the general public during the event.