Hi beauties,
So today, I woke up with the zeal to do something different from my usual everyday look. My everyday look basically consists of concealing my teeny weeny spots, use a translucent  powder all over my face, brush over my brows, apply a coloured lip gloss and bam.. I'm out. On certain days when I have "extra" strength, I manage to apply foundation before using my powder, apply some shadow on my eyelids, and even wear lipstick!

I know as a makeup artist you should look your part but it can be tiring most times to do a complete look. Add this to the fact that you will want to make it perfect like, sculpt your brows properly, line your lips properly, make everything look on point and you have enough reason not to start in the first place.

So today, my fingers got itchy and I decided to flip my brushes. Well, I didn't contour or highlight my face but I did my base well. Slightly contoured my eyes and went for nude lips. I was pleased with the outcome.


EVENTS | The Maiden Enugu Make Up Fair(EMUF) in pictures

Hi beauties,
It's no longer news that the maiden edition of  Enugu Make Up Fair(EMUF) held on Saturday in Enugu. What is news is that I made good my promise to be there "live and direct" to capture the event in its glory. My trip to Enugu will be incomplete ( infact, its a crime punishable in "042" law) if I don't bring back some "okpa"( a local delicacy) to share with you my darling readers. So here, share with me:)

yummy okpa:)
Even the rains couldn't deter makeup artists, beauty bloggers, makeup and beauty lovers alike from attending the fair. I give credit to the organizers of the fair, POPS! CONCEPTS for the thoughtful selection of venue as it was very easy to locate and serene. There was so much lovely stuff on display that I had to try really hard to ignore. I no want use leg waka go back my base..lol. Granted this is the 1st EMUF, but I am pleased to report that it was a huge success!

Let me quit rambling and let you enjoy the sights of EMUF
Warning: Picture Overload

EMUF backdrop
registration table



Hi beauties,
Nothing thrills an artist than having a smooth canvas to work on. In the case of a makeup artist, the canvas is the facial skin. On a healthy glowing face, products glide on easily and this in turn produces a better and beautiful look. Whether you are blessed with clear skin or battle acne, the benefits of proper skin care routine are so numerous to ignore.

Here's the drill: Cleanse,Tone,Moisturize(CTM)
1. Cleanse:
 This simply means cleaning. Before applying anything to your face, be sure to cleanse your skin to remove any oil buildup that has accumulated throughout the day or night. A cleansed skin allows for better product absorption. Cleansers come in soap, gel or liquid form. I have heard people ask or say "should I ditch my body soap which I have been using since forever for a facial cleanser? If so why? My answer...YES! Yup, you read that rightly. Yes.

my fave cleanser



Hi beauties,
Having heard and read "sooo"much great reviews about H&E gel liners, I decided to purchase them and try them out. Hegai & Esther is an indigenous makeup solutions company that deals on makeup tools such as: disposables, makeup cases, chairs, apparel, brushes, books/dvds etc and of course their  own brand of gel liners.

I contacted Hegai & Esther and ordered for three(3) shades of their gel liners in Peacock, Nubia and Onyx. Being a Lagos based company, I was skeptical initially if and how they will deliver to Port Harcourt. Upon inquiry, I got a reply in the affirmative. Hegai & Esther offers nationwide delivery for a little token. The package arrived in good condition and on time too.

nice packaging



Hi Beauties,
The incessant rains in PortHarcourt haven't been too friendly but I believe you all have been coping well with it. The part of  the rainy season I don't like is having to do your laundry, then waiting for days weeks before it dries *annoying right?* I have had to resort to drying my laundry indoors but in my opinion, nothing beats good old sunshine, nothing!

Well, back to the business of the day. The MakeUp Fair train comes to Enugu!!!! I am so excited! Pops! Concepts, the organizers of the MakeUp Fair Series brings to the Coal City its 1st  MakeUp Fair.



Hi beauties,
Happy new month to you . This is my first ever blog post,*drum rolls plsss*!!! I hereby officially welcome you to my blog, x-PHBeautie-x. So here goes.....
Today, I will be talking about face shapes. When it comes to beauty generally, everyone needs to be aware of their face shapes. Trust me when I say this, the knowledge of your facial shape or shapes (some face shapes are a combination of two basic shapes) helps to avoid some simple beauty disasters. 
Knowledge of your facial shape helps you to:
  • Shape your eyebrows beautifully
  • Choose flattering hairstyles
  •  Select a suiting eyeglass/frames for your face
  •  Find makeup techniques eg: highlighting/contouring that will help enhance your features

Face shapes can be basically broken down into six:

photocredit(coldthemes.com, labels by me)