Hi beauties,
Happy new month to you . This is my first ever blog post,*drum rolls plsss*!!! I hereby officially welcome you to my blog, x-PHBeautie-x. So here goes.....
Today, I will be talking about face shapes. When it comes to beauty generally, everyone needs to be aware of their face shapes. Trust me when I say this, the knowledge of your facial shape or shapes (some face shapes are a combination of two basic shapes) helps to avoid some simple beauty disasters. 
Knowledge of your facial shape helps you to:
  • Shape your eyebrows beautifully
  • Choose flattering hairstyles
  •  Select a suiting eyeglass/frames for your face
  •  Find makeup techniques eg: highlighting/contouring that will help enhance your features

Face shapes can be basically broken down into six:

photocredit(coldthemes.com, labels by me)

1.  Heart
The heart shaped face is also called the inverted triangle.It is widest at the forehead and slimmest at the jaw. People with this type of face should avoid bangs and all back hairstyles as they will make the forehead appear even larger. Curls, waves and side part will look great and create balance.

2. Square
The sides of the face is straight and the length and width of the face is equal, like a square. Centre parts, bangs and chin length bob hairstyles are a no-no. Side fringes,side parts, curly or wavy hairstyles look good on this face type as they tend to soften it out.

3. Round
A round face as the name implies, has the cheekbones as the widest part of the face with a curved jaw. The length and width are equal. Think of the round face as a slight variation of the square face but rounded at the forehead,cheeks, jaw and chin. Styles that add volume to the cheeks like ear length bobs and bangs should be avoided. Side fringes and short hair look great on this face shape.

4. Diamond
This face shape is rare. It is narrow at the forehead, jaw and chin. The beautiful feature of this face shape is  the high cheekbones. fullness should be added to the forehead and jawline, but avoided on the prominent cheekbones. Bangs, side parts and ear length short hair highlights the beautiful cheekbones. Centre parts do not flatter this face shape one bit.

5. Oblong
Rectangular face shape that is straight but curved at the forehead and chin. Face is longer and less wide.
Centre parts, all back ponytail,afro and straight hairstyles don't flatter this face shape. Short hair, chin length bobs,side parts, full curly or wavy hair that add volume to the cheeks create balance.

6. Oval
Permit me lovelies to say this, oval is the ideal facial shape!! Think of it as an egg placed upside down. The jaw line is a bit more rounded and the face is longer than the width. The oval shape is so balanced that you can do just about anything to the hair or face and play with different styles. There is nothing that won't look nice on this face. Feel free to explore different lengths too. Now you see why I call it the ideal face shape..

So beauties, each face shape is unique on its own.
Now that you know your face shape(s),all you have to do is enhance it.
Stay beautie-ful and radiant..

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