EVENTS | The Maiden Enugu Make Up Fair(EMUF) in pictures

Hi beauties,
It's no longer news that the maiden edition of  Enugu Make Up Fair(EMUF) held on Saturday in Enugu. What is news is that I made good my promise to be there "live and direct" to capture the event in its glory. My trip to Enugu will be incomplete ( infact, its a crime punishable in "042" law) if I don't bring back some "okpa"( a local delicacy) to share with you my darling readers. So here, share with me:)

yummy okpa:)
Even the rains couldn't deter makeup artists, beauty bloggers, makeup and beauty lovers alike from attending the fair. I give credit to the organizers of the fair, POPS! CONCEPTS for the thoughtful selection of venue as it was very easy to locate and serene. There was so much lovely stuff on display that I had to try really hard to ignore. I no want use leg waka go back my base..lol. Granted this is the 1st EMUF, but I am pleased to report that it was a huge success!

Let me quit rambling and let you enjoy the sights of EMUF
Warning: Picture Overload

EMUF backdrop
registration table

registration ongoing
DJ doing what he knows best
makeup mavenng stand

closeup view,makeup maven stand
more from makeup mavenng
....and even more from makeup mavenng
chez jumelle twins
shades n sparkles stand
more from shades n sparkles
maybelline stand
close up view of maybelline stand
..even more from maybelline 
talking faces stand
tara roll-up banner
tara stand

syl's place stand 

mo's wardrobe roll-up banner
mo's wardrobe stand

Linda,CEO of makeup mavenng & a makeup lover

Mo's wardrobe in action..you just have to love this woman:)

ain't she pretty?
damola of talking faces at her stand

makeup mavenng peeps.. love their tee

Amaka of syl's place & a shopper
lola(brain behind makeup fair series) & dinma of  that igbo chick

tara staff & make up artists

getting a facebeat from one of her own
mo's wardrobe, hat shopping
finally settled for this!
adaobi of dobzi fingers & lola
an excited shopper showing off her goodies
omotola of maybelline doing her thing

shade of shades n sparkles & a customer
after a loooong day, we were just having fun!! work hard...play hard :)

So, that's how it went down in Enugu. I had sooo much fun.
In my subsequent posts I will be showing & reviewing my EMUF mini haul,so watch out for it.
Its very early in the morning,my bed is calling and I need my beautie sleep.
Till my next post,
Stay beautie-ful & radiant
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  1. I see Dinma, I see Omolola, oh and I see Dobzi fingers! *fine giel*
    It looked like fun oooooo......but there's no fair like Lagos fair.

    *sticks out tongue and runs away*

    1. Nazor,why you dey run? If we east babes catch u ehh..lol.Well, its the first & can only get better. And yes, it was fun! Met Dinma and Dobzi @the fair. pretty and friendly babes..

  2. Yes!! It was fun and it was nice meeting you Aijay. I only wish Chinazor came too :(


    1. Yes Dobzi, it really was! Meeting you in person was nice too. Thanks for stopping by, will keep in touch.

  3. i pray the south gets a good opportunity and turn up like this...:)
    Gorgeous ladies...but Aijay where are you in all this pics???
    i want to know the beauty behind this blog

  4. The south had PortHarcourt MakeUp Fair some months ago. Well I am in the last picture, had to squat because I am "too" tall ..lol..Thanks for stopping by Ugo