Hi beauties,
I know you lovelies are doing good. We all love Fridays, who doesn't? Its a day that starts the weekend and everyone looks forward to it. On social media, Flashback Fridays are trending. Its a Friday when people show us a sneak peek into their past through pictures. So today, we are going to be having a Flashback Friday on this blog!!! Sounds like fun right? Then come with me :)

Plan to attend this year's

PRODUCT REVIEW | Prestige Cosmetics Charcoal Brown Eyeliner & Lipstick in Orange

Hi Beauties,
Prestige Cosmetics is an international brand which was introduced into the Nigerian market by Taries Beauty. It was officially launched in November 2013. The brand is solely distributed by Taries Beauty nationwide. I read about the brand and I purchased their eyeliner in charcoal brown and their matte lipstick in orange(#107).

Prestige lipstick & eyeliner, nice packaging


LUNMAS' TOUCH | Ma Mgbechi's Makeover

Hi beauties,
I hope you are all doing great, the rains not withstanding. The irregularity in the rain pattern is a good sign that we will soon enjoy the dry seasons...woo hoo..Today I will be sharing with you a look I did on a client a little while ago.

 My baby sister was having her graduation and her school asked all students to come for a photo shoot dressed in traditional attire for their year book compilation. Luckily for her, I was in town and she intimated of the photo session. I knew why, she wanted her gele and makeover done! No wahala, I replied. Days later, she asked if she could invite her friends to come over that morning to get their gele/make up done too. I hesitated, but later I obliged and we settled for three(3) friends coming over. How I go do naa? She's my baby sister after all.


My EMUF Mini Haul

Hi beauties,
I can't believe its Saturday already! Just on Wednesday we entered the month of October and before I could come to terms with it, its already the 4th day. Like play like play, the year don dey end oo. I apologize for going "MIA" for some days now. I know this may not be reason enough, but I've been really busy of late.

October is a month laden with lots of festivities and holidays. Our dear country Nigeria, celebrated its 54th Independence on the first day of October and it naturally attracted a public holiday. In a few days time 6th &7th precisely, we will all be enjoying another bout of holidays courtesy of our Muslim brothers Eid El-Kabir celebration. So here's wishing you my darling readers a great, fruitful month and to our great country Nigeria, unity, peace and progress.

my EMUF mini haul