LUNMAS' TOUCH | Ma Mgbechi's Makeover

Hi beauties,
I hope you are all doing great, the rains not withstanding. The irregularity in the rain pattern is a good sign that we will soon enjoy the dry seasons...woo hoo..Today I will be sharing with you a look I did on a client a little while ago.

 My baby sister was having her graduation and her school asked all students to come for a photo shoot dressed in traditional attire for their year book compilation. Luckily for her, I was in town and she intimated of the photo session. I knew why, she wanted her gele and makeover done! No wahala, I replied. Days later, she asked if she could invite her friends to come over that morning to get their gele/make up done too. I hesitated, but later I obliged and we settled for three(3) friends coming over. How I go do naa? She's my baby sister after all.

On the said morning, to my utmost surprise I saw seven(7) babes seated in the living room. Of course I was shocked, but decided to take it all in my stride. The eight(8) young ladies had their makeover and gele done in time for their photo session. My back ached me for a few days but the beautiful smiles and heartfelt thank-yous I got, was medicine enough for me.

One of the young lady's mum (Mrs.Dike), called me a few days later to thank me. She then asked if I could do makeover for her aunt. Her aunt was having a photo session in readiness for her Age Grade Retirement(Igboto Mma) celebration. The "Aunt" happened to be Ma Mgbechi.

Our first look

Ma Mgbechi is such a sweet and calm woman. She has skin smooth and soft like butter for her age,that I couldn't help but compliment her.

I did one look but changed her gele for the second attire.

Loving her look

She wanted a retro look for her second gele so retro we went :). Lip gloss was also applied to her lips in the second attire to soften the look and also blend with the purple ensemble.
The second look
Retro gele:)

Ma Mgbechi was pleased with all her looks and she was such a delight to work with.
Thank you Mrs.Dike for choosing Lunmas' Touch n Events and here's wishing Ma Mgbechi, a  peaceful retirement filled with blessings.

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  1. Pls don't talk only about yourself in your blog,get news elsewhere Dats what's blogs are for

    1. Sorry Sweet but you are mistaken. That's not what blogs are for. Mine is a beauty & lifestyle blog and not a news blog. Here you will be seeing a lot of me as I share reviews, makeovers, events etc. If you still need further clarification, I would be glad too put you through.

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    1. Thanks dear, I'm glad you love her look

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    1. Thanks Dave. You are the first guy to comment on my blog & I owe you a gift.

  4. U did a great job, she's beautiful :) I love the first gele tho :)

  5. People like sweet should be flogged for being ignorant! Pathetic hater! Ride on dear.lovely blog .