PRODUCT REVIEW | Prestige Cosmetics Charcoal Brown Eyeliner & Lipstick in Orange

Hi Beauties,
Prestige Cosmetics is an international brand which was introduced into the Nigerian market by Taries Beauty. It was officially launched in November 2013. The brand is solely distributed by Taries Beauty nationwide. I read about the brand and I purchased their eyeliner in charcoal brown and their matte lipstick in orange(#107).

Prestige lipstick & eyeliner, nice packaging

Prestige Matte Lipstick in Orange
What the brand says about their matte lipstick:
  • Perfectly matte lips
  • Innovative formula with argan oil, linoleic acid, vitamins E, A and F
  • Soft and silky texture with a perfect coverage
  • An ally against skin ageing.
  • Long-wear
  • Paraben-free
This lipstick comes in a silver tube with the company logo inscribed on it. There's also a paper label with the product number and colour on it.

I got this lipstick solely because it is "supposed" to be matte and its colour. However, on trying to get a swatch of this, I discovered this lipstick was in no way matte. *sad face* It has so much luster that it can't be classified as matte. I felt let down but I quickly shrugged that off. If the lipstick was good in other ways but just wasn't matte, I could make do with it I thought to myself.
Swatch: see how it looks, not matte!
I tried to blend the swatch on my hands and it turned sheer. It was hard to believe this was happening so, I decided to scoop some out and apply to my lips with a lip brush. That was where the main wahala started! I noticed some particles abi specks as I was applying the product. To make matters worse, with each brush stroke, the product was going off instead of staying on the skin.

and it turned sheer :(
At this point, I knew the lipstick wasn't going to make it to my professional kit. I then decided to apply straight from the tube. The pigmentation was a bit better but it was a pain to get it to look even.The pigmentation was poor and the formulation isn't smooth. 

The next test was for the lipstick's staying power. With the lipstick on, I nibbled on some snacks and water. Voila, almost all of my lipstick was gone! I tried to love this lipstick but I just couldn't. It just didn't meet my expectations.

Prestige Cosmetics Charcoal Brown Eyeliner
 What the brand says about their eyeliner:
  • Soft application
  • Long lasting wear
  • 100% Waterproof

This eyeliner pencil comes in a plastic encasing with a transparent cover so you can see the actual colour of the product. The company name and product colour are boldly written on the pencil. 
I couldn't have asked for more with this eyeliner. It is soft, creamy, applied smoothly and its pigmentation was so great. I used it to fill in my brows *yea, I know it says eyeliner but hey we can bend some makeup rules* and it worked well. I also used this eyeliner to line my waterline and lids as well.
really creamy, applies like a dream. love it!
multifunction eyeliner. wearing it on my brows, lids and waterline
I wore this eyeliner for more than five(5)hours and it didn't budge. I also tried cleaning the product swatch on my hand with just water and it didn't come off. I agree with the company on this, it lasts long and is waterproof.  I was totally impressed with this product.

wearing the eyeliner and lipstick

Used the lipstick and eyeliner only to do a whole look
I purchased the:
Prestige Matte Lipstick for N2,000
Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner for N1,200
Available@ www.tariesworld.com

Till my next post,
Stay beautiful & radiant.
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