TUTORIALS | Decoration Ideas #2: Magical Braids Tutorial

Hello Beauties,
I trust you all are doing great and gradually catching on the Christmas fever. Its that time of the year when we all make merry and look good. I know you my beautiful people will not leave the decorations behind. When I go to people's homes, offices and work places this season, I love to see that touch of gold, green and red. It doesn't matter if its just a touch of ribbons or that little wreath hanging on the door. The mere fact that there's something thoughtful placed in the room that depicts the Xmas season just gladdens my heart.

Magical braids. Don't they look lovely?


Decoration Ideas #1: Ribbon Works

Hi lovelies,
I trust you all have been doing great. We are already towards the end of November * how time flies* and I thank God for the gift of life and his blessings. It feels good to be here again because I have missed you guys soooo much.
Let me start by apologizing for my absence, it sincerely wasn't deliberate. I got really busy working on a few things and when I was near completion, I took ill. I think the stress got to me but I thank God I'm hale and hearty now.
For the benefit of those who don't know, I find it difficult to choose between my makeup brushes and my hammer/scissors. Hammer/Scissors? Yes hammer, I am an event planner/decorator and I love to turn plain spaces into something beautiful. Each time I see a  plain face or space, I treat it as an artist would treat a blank canvas. I let my creative ideas flow. So while I decide which I love more between Makeup Artistry or Event Decoration, I implore you my darling readers to stay tuned as we explore some decoration ideas.

Ribbons are an essential part of decoration. Their uses are numerous but here are a few
  • Beautify gifts
  • Car decorations
  • Product launches/house dedication
  • Reserve restricted areas

Different types of Ribbon works:


the most common ribbon design