TUTORIALS | Decoration Ideas #2: Magical Braids Tutorial

Hello Beauties,
I trust you all are doing great and gradually catching on the Christmas fever. Its that time of the year when we all make merry and look good. I know you my beautiful people will not leave the decorations behind. When I go to people's homes, offices and work places this season, I love to see that touch of gold, green and red. It doesn't matter if its just a touch of ribbons or that little wreath hanging on the door. The mere fact that there's something thoughtful placed in the room that depicts the Xmas season just gladdens my heart.

Magical braids. Don't they look lovely?
 In my last post I talked about different types of ribbon works. Magical braids was one of the ribbon designs I mentioned. So today, I will be doing a tutorial on how to do Magical Braids. Its an easy one to achieve with a few items, so I believe we can try this at home or assist our kids to do it when we get the hang of it.

Let's do this.
  • You'll need ribbons, a pair of scissors, measuring tape and stapler
1.  Measure out like 35inches of your ribbon with the measuring tape and cut.

2. With your index and middle finger closed up, roll the ribbon around them firmly.Once you are done, carefully pull out from your fingers.

3. Hold the tail end of the ribbon firmly and tap on a hard surface like a wooden table(be careful not to ruin the ribbon shape), to adjust the edges and make sure they are uniform.


4. Holding the ribbon (which is now cylindrical in shape), use your "eye" to divide the ribbon into 3 fairly equal parts. Note: I used a pen to trace out the lines to give you an idea of where to cut.

5.Still holding it up, use your scissors to cut the ribbon vertically in 2  places(cut through the trace lines) at least 2/3 way in. Try not to cut all the way in.

6. While still holding with your fingers, press the ribbon sides down.Then cut the middle ribbon ring into 2 equal parts horizontally.  

 7. Pinch out the inner part of the ribbon and pull to reveal the Magical Braids

Feel free to also increase the length of the ribbons you are working with as much as your scissors can cut through. You can make different colours of magical braids and hold them together using a stapler.

This can be hung on the walls round a room. These colours especially, would also look nice on a Christmas tree especially as trees come in green.
Do try this and share.
Watch out for subsequent decoration posts as I'm working on: How to make a Christmas tree tutorial.

Till my next post,
Stay beautiful and radiant,

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