TUTORIALS | Kit Condensing #1: How To Depot Cream Foundation

Hi beauties,
I trust we are all doing fine. The month of December is finally upon us. So here's officially wishing you all my dear readers, Compliments of the Season.

So I was on my way the other day to a job and the fastening on my makeup case snapped and broke in two. I was angry furious. And no, I wasn't furious at the company who made the makeup case. Yeah you guessed right, I was furious at myself. The case is a soft sided one and I love it soooo much.

Fastening broken:(
I love that its lightweight and can carry all you need for a job without being too bulky .Unlike the heavy trunk cases that are heavy on their own without make up products in them. By the time you add products, then it gets very very heavy. So, until I save up to get my Zuca Flyer and Backpack I will keep using my case.

I have been looking forward to condense my makeup kit for a while now, but I keep procrastinating. Like, put everything in palettes and organize them. It makes your kit lighter and is also sanitary. All you have to do is scoop out a little onto a palette plate with the aid of a palette knife and apply.

Empty MUFE palette
With my makeup case fastening broken, I set out to get an empty palette to depot my foundation. I set out and got a Make Up Forever 12 well empty palette. The best part is that I got it at a 50% discount price of N3,000 from Gifty's Daughter Beauty Studio. Today I will be showing you how I depotted my Black Opal Cream foundation. So lovelies, lets get to the business of depotting.

You will need:
  • Empty Palette
  • Cream foundation
  • Palette Knife(not pictured)
  • Self Adhesive Labels
  • Pen or Permanent Marker
  • Q Tip

Step 1: Write the names of the foundation shades on the labels with a pen or marker and stick the labels on the back of the empty palette. This step makes it easier for future identification in case you want to add more foundation when you run out of the one in your palette.

Step 2: Using a palette knife, scoop out some of  the corresponding foundation shade as labelled behind the palette.

Step 3: Do Step 2 for all the shades and try as much to fill the palette evenly. When you are done with one shade, be sure to wipe the palette knife thoroughly to avoid transference.

 Step 4: To ensure neatness, wipe the edges of the MUFE palette with a Q Tip carefully.

Voila! Your foundation palette is ready!!

Its that easy lovelies, will be showing you how to depot eye shadows next.
So, watch out for it.

P.S:  The Annual Xmas Beauty A'Fair is tomorrow, Sunday 7th December,2014...yaaaaayyy!!
Attendance is free so please attend and get mind blowing discounts.
Venue: Anchor Events Place, Ikeja
Time: 11:00 am.
See you there!
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