Hey Lovelies,
Hope the harmattan season is treating us well. Harmattan makes everywhere smell like Christmas and the fever is so on! I felt like doing something bronzy and warm in Today's Look. I had wanted to wear my gold lipstick by all means but it kept giving me this "sick and pale" look. I don't know if it was the eye shadow I paired it with or my complexion, but I decided against in and instead wore this Golden Bronze Lipstick. It turned out better looking.

Enjoy the pictures and get inspired by the products list.



The Harmattan season is officially upon us. It waltzed in, bravado style in all its windy, skin drying, lips chapping, low humidity glory. What more can we do, other than embrace its good parts and find our way around its not so pleasant sides. I personally love the harmattan season because once I put out my clothes to dry, before I spell H-A-R-M-A-T-T-A-N, my hangings are all dry and ready to take in. Tell me beauties, isn't that pure bliss. Unlike the rainy days where you practically dry clothes indoors. The thought of it alone sef is annoying! The season also comes with these cold winds that cools the body and makes you wish for it all year round.


TODAY'S LOOK | Sultry Green Eyes & Wine Lips

Hello December!!! The party/gift giving season is here and  my excitement knows no bounds.  I am excited because it's that time of the year when there are sooo many parties and events lined up and you know what that means for we Makeup Artists-wink wink, more money. What is more, I get the rare opportunity to see family and friends I haven't seen in a while during this Yuletide Season. We also use this period to exchange gifts, hang out and share fun times. In all. I thank God for bringing us this far to see the 12th month of the year. It can only be Him.



Hey Lovelies,
Are you a lover of all things beautiful? Are you a fashion lover? Get ready for this.The world of fashion is coming to the city of Uyo! Its the Uyo Fashion Festival.

The Uyo Fashion Festival is a 5 day event holding from the 7th to the 11th of December, 2015. This event is organised by Ukrika & Nsene, the Second Hand Store & Uyo's Number One Online Fashion Marketplace respectively; brands which are still under development & will be launching full scale to the general public during the event.


Lunmas' Touch:Chi in Subtle Date Night Look

Hey Beauties,
Today's post is a look I did a little while ago on my friend Chi. She had a date night and trusted me to give her something subtle yet glam. She had this nude colored dress on so I went with a nude/gold shadow in her inner lid and mixed several shades of purple on her outer lids. I then went in to the crease and outer V with a really dark purple and blended everything together properly. Blending is key guys.


Baby Wipes Vs Face Wipes: Which is Better?

Hello Beauties,
Many a times in our busy lives, we tend to cut corners and look for the easy way out. Anything to save us some time even if it's a minuscule of a second. We don't mind, I mean we just don't care, so far it can mimic getting the real job done, we are cool. The product is affordable, ahn....now that's a huge plus, don't our wallets just love that? Then you find out it's convenient to use and trending. In fact every girl who feels she's chic uses it and you don't want to be caught dead doing things the old school way! So you waltz "shakiti bobo" style to your nearest supermarket to purchase a cart full of whichever brand that catches your fancy. I'm talking of the current global obsession of two popular Wet Wipes in the Beauty Industry: Baby Wipes & Face Wipes.



Hey Beauties,
I read with utmost disdain some few weeks ago, how a fellow Makeup Artist was maltreated and traumatized by a client to whom she went to offer her services. I was furious. I was livid. In fact, words fail me right now to really convey the exact emotion I felt that day up till this day on this issue. Too many questions went through my mind as to why, how and what exactly happened to this colleague of mine. I mean, it could have been any of us that had to go through all that harrowing experience. I knew I had to lend my voice to this but how could I? My laptop had been ruined in a house flood incident  from a few days back. 


CURRENT OBSESSION: Lock On Lash Adhesive

Hey Beauties,
I trust we all are doing great. I feel so excited when I happen to discover  a new product that will not only make my job easier but also save me some good time. So much so that I have become obsessed with the product. I mean, who wouldn't be?



Hey Dolls,
Its raining "PINK" this beautiful month of October and what better way to express it than wearing the Melt Cosmetics Lipstick in "Stupid Love". I guess we all know the reason it is raining pink but in the case you don't, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organizations and individuals, to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research.


Lunmas' Touch: Nigeria Independence Day Makeup Look

Hello Beauties,
Happy New Month and a Happy Independence Day Celebration to you all. Our dear country Nigeria, gained its independence exactly 55years today and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since then. In all we thank God for having brought us this far while we pray and hope for the best. All hands must therefore be on deck as we contribute our quota towards achieving the Greater Nigeria we dream of. I love my country Nigeria, I believe you do too. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


PRODUCT REVIEW: Beauty Essentials by Nsure(BEN) BEAUTY MAT

Hello Lovelies,
How you doing? *In Wendy's voice* Don't mind me, I've been watching a lot of her lately. I trust we all are doing fine. In today's post, we will be reviewing the Beauty Essentials by Nsure(BEN) Beauty Mat. For the purpose of this review, we shall refer to Beauty Essentials by Nsure as BEN. Agreed? Okay that's fine, now lets move on.

Beauty Mat Folded


EVENTS | Pictures from the Enugu Make Up Fair (EMUF)2

Hey Dearies,
Hope you all are doing good and enjoying the holidays. The Enugu Make Up Fair (EMUF)2 has come and gone but the memories will be one that will linger for a long time. The city of Enugu played host to the second edition of the Enugu Makeup Fair organized by Pops Concepts! This event held last year but this year's was even bigger and better. The venue was a lot bigger, there were more exhibitors, there was an interactive session and of course the much anticipated Makeup Runway.


Enugu Make Up Fair (EMUF)2 is here!!!

Hi Beauties,
Happy September to you all. The rains have not been very friendly but I believe its doing its work.
Today, I bring to you some good news. The train moves to the Coal City. Yes, you guessed right,the 2nd Enugu Make Up Fair (EMUF) is here!!!!! Yaayyy!!! I attended the 1st EMUF and it was a huge success. If you missed it, click here to view the pictures from EMUF1.


TUTORIALS | Makeup 101: Tools and Disposables

Hey Beauties,
Its the 7th month already *whew*, I can't believe how much the months have gone by. In all,
I thank God for his goodness. Hope you all are feeling the weather, Happy July to you all.

I get asked by beginners especially, about tools and what they really need in their kit. Today we will be discussing tools and disposables. For those who know me, they know I am a true believer in sanitation and cleanliness with my makeup kit.You prevent transmission of skin infections or germs from one client to another when you are sanitary. What better way to do this than with the use of certain tools and disposables.  Disposables as the name implies are disposable makeup tools which you toss after use or give to the client for keeps for personal use after using it on them. Want to know the must haves? Dive right in!

Spatula or Palette Knife
Double ended spatula/palette knife


My LMUF4 Mini Haul

Hey Beauties,
The LMUF4 has come and gone but the fever still lingers. I will be sharing with you all what I purchased at the just concluded LMUF4! I usually go shopping with a written list not mental list nope, be it grocery, fabrics or any other shopping you can think of. That way I don't get to just buy on impulse, I buy what I really need. It doesn't mean that if I set my eyes on something beautiful or I need I won't purchase it( you know how some things are irresistible), but the list just helps keep me in check. The LMUF4 wasn't an exception, I attended it with a list..smiles. I can beat my chest and say that I did really good at keeping to my list.
So lovelies, these are the makeup goodies I purchased at the fair!


Pictures from LMUF4

Hi beauties,
Hope you all are enjoying the rains. This past weekend, 21st June to be precise I made good my promise to attend LMUF4. Even the rains didn't deter me and other makeup/beauty lovers from turning out en masse. Ain't no "parry" like a Lagos "parry" mehnnn. It was maximum fun just like I expected. Music, networking, freebies, discount shopping and product awareness. When I got to the venue, I was amazed at how organized and well put together everything was. From the security men, to the arrangement of the stage, runway and the various exhibitor stands. Kudos to Pops Concepts for their thoughtfulness in using a projector. Whichever part of the large hall you are, you can also get to see whats happening on stage or runway. The featured makeup artists also didn't let us down as the showed their creative prowess. Uhhmm, lest I forget Pops Concepts was kind enough and made sure that this time around, no one had a reason not to shop as they stationed a Diamond Bank Mobile Van outside.
If exhibitor POS no work, mobile van dey kampe..lol
Let me leave you to enjoy the pictures!
 Warning : Picture Overload

Registration table


LMUF 4 is here!

Hi Beauties,
I have been a little bit under the weather but I know by His stripes I am healed. When Nigerian artist, Banky W did the song "Aint no party like the Lagos party", he couldn't have been any more correct. You see, I have attended the Christmas Beauty Fair, Maybelline Makeup Fair, Connect Series and Beauty Mingle all organized by Pops Concepts. Some in Lagos, others outside Lagos but the truth is I have never ever attended a Lagos Makeup Fair(LMUF)!! Say whaaatttt??? Can you beat that? And to think that this is the 4th one even makes the case more serious. I usually get the feeling that i missed out when I see other bloggers report the LMUF.


Today's Look: Cool As A Cucumber

Hi Beauties,
Happy New Month to you all. Today's look is one I created with just a Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow palette in "Cool As A Cucumber". Well I almost achieved that feat, with the exception of a black eyeshadow which I got from another palette to contour the eyes with. The eyeshadow is a trio shade one(contains 3 shades) which are coordinated to take the guesswork out especially for beginners. The shadow is actually labelled to aid the makeup novice as to where exactly each shadow should be placed on the eye. I applied it exactly as labelled because I couldn't imagine using it otherwise, being that its just three(3) shades.

So beauties, here's the look:


Today's Look #2: Soft Smoky Eyes & Nude Lips

Hi Beauties,
Hope you are all coping well with the fuel scarcity situation in the country. To say it affected me is an understatement. Thank God, the strike has been called off and we expect things to return back to normal soonest.


LUNMAS' TOUCH | Mrs.Mercillian & 'Kudo's Makeover

Hey Beauties,
Hope you all are doing great. I will be sharing with you lovelies, a look I did on Saturday for my wedding guests. Mrs. Mercillian has been a very loyal client for a while and she trusts me to deliver. She called me up a week ago and requested I be available to give her a makeover. Knowing her preferences, I got to work and was able to convince her to try a little bit of colour on her eyes and fill in her beautifully tweezed brows. She has got beautiful eyes, so I went with a soft purple smokey eye to complement her accessories. I did a nude lip to bring everything together. She loved her look and I was happy she did.
Enjoy the pictures.
Isn't she pretty?


Product Review: Casabella Liquid Lips

Hello Beauties,
I know its been a second but believe me when I say I have seriously missed you guys. It hasn't been easy juggling my personal and business life with my blog life. I'm still working on striking a balance so none of them suffer. The constant traveling that comes with my job doesn't help matters too, so please bear with me. I am going to make up for all this with a giveaway soon, so dearies watch out. I trust this should be able to melt a few hearts.

So today's post will be a review on Casabella's Liquid Lips. Casabella is an indigenous beauty store. They stock different brands of cosmetics/beauty supplies and they also have their own line of beauty products. If you know me, you will know I appreciate good quality indigenous brands hence my purchase. Can't wait to find out more about this product? Let us get to the review proper.


TUTORIALS | Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Rightly!

Hi beauties,
Happy new month to you all. As you all know, there are 3 basic factors that ensure a flawless makeup application:
  1. Good makeup tools
  2. Quality makeup products
  3. Excellent makeup skills
You possibly can't talk about makeup tools without making mention of makeup brushes. Whether you use them professionally or personally, they go a long way to help you achieve that look you desire. Good quality brushes set pro makeup artists some good naira (N) back, so to ensure they last long, they should be taken proper care of.

paper towel, olive oil, solid brush shampoo &  dirty makeup brushes


Product Review: Hegai & Esther Eyebrow Definer

Hey Beauties,
Hope your weekend went well. Its a new week, a fresh opportunity to achieve your goals and be productive.

Hegai & Esther is an indigenous brand that caters for makeup artists tools such as: disposables, makeup cases,chairs, apparel, brushes, books/dvds and of course their brand of gel liners. Recently, they launched a new product which has been the rave of the moment in the social media. They launched the Hegai & Esther Eyebrow Definer in Nubia. Trust the makeup junkie in me not to rest until I laid my hands on this wonder.

who doesn't love good packaging?


Happy Val's Day & My Other Passion

Hi Beauties,
Hope you guys know you are my loves right? Ehen naa, because without you all there won't be me doing this. So here's wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day my darling, lovely, beautie-ful, sweet readers.

First, let me apologize for taking this long to do a subsequent post. I promised to post frequently and I intended to stick to that. If you read my new year post, I said I will as much as network will let me. It was as if I knew what was to come. On the other hand, maybe my network providers read that post and got angry. I'm sure they will be like "ahn ahn, but we haven't dissapointed her before naa". So why is she saying this? Okay its time to winch her small. heheheee...


TODAY'S LOOK | Traditional Wedding Inspired Look

Hi Beauties,
Happy new month to you. Today, I will be sharing a traditional wedding inspired look with you. I did an olive cut crease on the eyes to complement the green in my dress and ear rings. For the lips, I settled for a coral shade to bring the whole look together.


Having Nail Issues? Varisi to the rescue!!

Hi Beauties,
How are you all doing? Hope you all had a swell weekend. As for me, I had a fun and eventful one. May this week be fruitful for us all.

Beauty as we all know isn't just about wearing beautiful clothes, good makeup, lovely shoes, that designer bag and accessories that go with it. Now don't get me wrong, all these add up to make a woman look beautiful. However, beauty without proper grooming is like a pig wearing a gold ring. Our nails shouldn't be left out of the picture with regards to grooming. A ladies nail should always look nice whether she has extensions on or wears it natural.


TUTORIALS | Kit Condensing #2: How to Depot Eye Shadow

Hello Beauties,
How are you all doing? I hope you guys are still keeping to your resolutions..hehehee.. This is my 2nd entry for the year so permit me to welcome those who didn't read my previous post. We will talk later on sticking to our resolutions( Stick With It, no pun intended..lol ), but for now lets dive right into our topic for the day!

I've been on a kit condensing spree as you all know, after my kit became a tad too heavy for me. Depotting your eye shadows is a great way to save space and organize your makeup. It is not as difficult as people think once you understand how to go about it. You can depot the shadows into a Z palette or a Stick With It palette depending on your choice. We will be using the flat iron method, so let us get to it!

You"ll need:



Expecting A Happy New Year?

Hi Beauties,
The New Year is finally upon us and its the 9th day already. Yaaayy!!!! New Year greetings have been flying everywhere and I'm pretty sure you have either wished someone or have been wished. In all, I thank God for giving us life and His grace to see 2015. I'm so excited about this New Year, I hope you are too.  

The New Year gist can never be complete without Resolutions. Have you made yours? Are they achievable? What steps are you planning to put in place to bring your New Year Resolutions to fruition? As for me,I see 2015 as a blank sheet. You choose the pen to write with and what content fills your sheet. Start working on what you want from today because the year has got 12 months. January is one of the months so no procrastinating lovelies!