Having Nail Issues? Varisi to the rescue!!

Hi Beauties,
How are you all doing? Hope you all had a swell weekend. As for me, I had a fun and eventful one. May this week be fruitful for us all.

Beauty as we all know isn't just about wearing beautiful clothes, good makeup, lovely shoes, that designer bag and accessories that go with it. Now don't get me wrong, all these add up to make a woman look beautiful. However, beauty without proper grooming is like a pig wearing a gold ring. Our nails shouldn't be left out of the picture with regards to grooming. A ladies nail should always look nice whether she has extensions on or wears it natural.


TUTORIALS | Kit Condensing #2: How to Depot Eye Shadow

Hello Beauties,
How are you all doing? I hope you guys are still keeping to your resolutions..hehehee.. This is my 2nd entry for the year so permit me to welcome those who didn't read my previous post. We will talk later on sticking to our resolutions( Stick With It, no pun intended..lol ), but for now lets dive right into our topic for the day!

I've been on a kit condensing spree as you all know, after my kit became a tad too heavy for me. Depotting your eye shadows is a great way to save space and organize your makeup. It is not as difficult as people think once you understand how to go about it. You can depot the shadows into a Z palette or a Stick With It palette depending on your choice. We will be using the flat iron method, so let us get to it!

You"ll need:



Expecting A Happy New Year?

Hi Beauties,
The New Year is finally upon us and its the 9th day already. Yaaayy!!!! New Year greetings have been flying everywhere and I'm pretty sure you have either wished someone or have been wished. In all, I thank God for giving us life and His grace to see 2015. I'm so excited about this New Year, I hope you are too.  

The New Year gist can never be complete without Resolutions. Have you made yours? Are they achievable? What steps are you planning to put in place to bring your New Year Resolutions to fruition? As for me,I see 2015 as a blank sheet. You choose the pen to write with and what content fills your sheet. Start working on what you want from today because the year has got 12 months. January is one of the months so no procrastinating lovelies!