Having Nail Issues? Varisi to the rescue!!

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Beauty as we all know isn't just about wearing beautiful clothes, good makeup, lovely shoes, that designer bag and accessories that go with it. Now don't get me wrong, all these add up to make a woman look beautiful. However, beauty without proper grooming is like a pig wearing a gold ring. Our nails shouldn't be left out of the picture with regards to grooming. A ladies nail should always look nice whether she has extensions on or wears it natural.

What happens when our fingernails or toenails are traumatized and not well taken care of? They suffer of course. Our nails after a wash should be dried and cuticle oil massaged in afterwards. If they are left with moisture trapped in them, it encourages the growth of fungus.

There are many possible causes of  damaged, traumatized or diseased nails.
Here are a few:
1. Wearing damp socks or footwear
2. Wearing very tight shoes
3. Sharing manicure/pedicure tools with someone infected with nail fungus
4. Wearing artificial nails for too long especially acrylic-filled ones
5. Sharing public swimming pool with infected person.

A few years ago when I was working 9-5 and had to wear shoes for a long period of time, I noticed changes in my big toenails. I have pretty big feet and had to literally squeeze them into some work shoes then. My toenails were traumatized to say the least. The two big toenails lifted off from the nail bed and fresh nails started growing from underneath. It was a very painful experience as I had my big toenails removed. I tried many medications(terbinafin etc) and remedies(tea tree oil, vicks vapor rub) until I was introduced to Varisi.

I can tell you firsthand about this product, Varisi because I used it and it worked perfectly. Together with Hydrogen Peroxide and Perfectil by Vitabiotics(a supplement for healthy skin, hair & nails), I was able to grow healthy looking big toenails again.

Are you having nail issues? Varisi will do the trick. Just clean affected nail with a cotton ball dipped in Hydrogen Peroxide. Clean/dab with dry cotton ball and apply few drops of Varisi around the nail cuticle. Varisi can also be used over nail polishes and acrylics. I however, avoided using these as I didn't want anything interfering with the product. Overtime, you will notice a difference in the way your nail looks. However,you will need a little bit of persistence and patience to see this product work.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Varisi
Have you had nail issues in the past? How did you go about it? Please share your experience.
Varisi is available at cosmetics shops and supermarkets. Its sold between N2000-N2500.
If you have issues purchasing one, send me an email. I will be glad to help.

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