Happy Val's Day & My Other Passion

Hi Beauties,
Hope you guys know you are my loves right? Ehen naa, because without you all there won't be me doing this. So here's wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day my darling, lovely, beautie-ful, sweet readers.

First, let me apologize for taking this long to do a subsequent post. I promised to post frequently and I intended to stick to that. If you read my new year post, I said I will as much as network will let me. It was as if I knew what was to come. On the other hand, maybe my network providers read that post and got angry. I'm sure they will be like "ahn ahn, but we haven't dissapointed her before naa". So why is she saying this? Okay its time to winch her small. heheheee...

the finished look... centre view
Trouble started last week when I tried to go online. The connection refused to come on. I tried customer care. Akuko! Story for the gods! Their lines were busy non-stop! Little did I know this was the beginning of my nightmare. I also tried in the middle of the night, yet no way. This continued for days. Some days it will open pages but with broken pictures. It was a horrifying experience to say the least. I tried to connect hotspot from my other device to my laptop. It will come on and go off. Whew! In fact to do this post, I had to scout for the part of the house that had better network reception. I would have mentioned the name of my network providers but let me pardon them as they have apologized and promised to fix it.

a sketch of what to come

If you have been following my blog, you will know my passion is torn between my love for makeup/beauty and events decoration/planning. Today, I will be sharing with you a decoration I did weeks back. I was contacted to do a church altar decoration and was given the freedom to choose the design, fabrics and colour to work with.

panelling with the yellow and ash fabrics

still panelling, adding the orange on the yellow for the talking drum

Often times, trusting your decorator with such freedom usually brings out the best. I chose yellow, orange and ash for this look. It wasn't particularly an easy job for me because I had to do it all alone. The church had a program running  for days then, which meant I had to stop when it was time for the program. This made it impossible to hire help for the job as its meant paying the person for days instead of just a day due to the interruptions.

forming the orange fabrics into talking drum..
 Well, I braced myself for the task, did my sketch, purchased the fabrics and picked up my hammer and scissors to do what I love doing. It took me two (2) days to finish the job and everyone was happy with the outcome.

finished look...left view

right view...

Forgive me for the pictures I took, I'm still working on my photography and the lighting didn't help matters. As for the clutter and fabrics, I had to take the pics when I had a chance to. Bear with me please.
Hope you guys like the decoration. 

Till my next post,
Stay beautie-ful & radiant,

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