TUTORIALS | Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Rightly!

Hi beauties,
Happy new month to you all. As you all know, there are 3 basic factors that ensure a flawless makeup application:
  1. Good makeup tools
  2. Quality makeup products
  3. Excellent makeup skills
You possibly can't talk about makeup tools without making mention of makeup brushes. Whether you use them professionally or personally, they go a long way to help you achieve that look you desire. Good quality brushes set pro makeup artists some good naira (N) back, so to ensure they last long, they should be taken proper care of.

paper towel, olive oil, solid brush shampoo &  dirty makeup brushes

Personally, I love to wash or clean. I don't mind hand washing clothes even with the presence of  a machine but when it comes to brushes, wait for this..... I loathe cleaning them(covers face). Why you ask? Well, because I don't have the liberty to immerse the whole brush: ferrule, handle and bristles all into water. I have to be careful to clean only the bristles as immersing the whole brush will loosen the glue holding the ferrule and bristles together. However, the slight OCD in me gets the better part of me as I still clean my friends makeup bags and brushes whenever I go visiting...hehehee!!

When makeup brushes are used, they leave residual makeup, pick up dead skin cells and possibly some dust/dirt especially in our climate. This in turn invites bacteria which isn't skin safe.  What this means is, its not safe to share your personal brushes with someone else to avoid contacting skin infections. And for a pro makeup artist, its not professional to use the same brushes in between clients as you may be infecting your clients. You can also risk having eye shadows/ colours interfere with your next application if you insist on using a dirty brush. Now, this brings us to the next question, how do I clean my brushes when I have more than one client?

There are 2 Types of  Cleaning:
  1. Quick Cleaning or Spot Cleaning
  2. Deep Cleaning

This entails using a brush cleanser/ alcohol to clean a makeup brush. Quick cleaning is usually a life saver for makeup artists especially when you are working on set/ multiple clients. All you have to do is carry like 3 brush sets, so once you are done with a client you spot clean the used set and begin the next makeup with 2nd set. This gives the 1st set enough time to dry. You simply spray the cleanser on the brush and gently wipe on a paper towel. Repeat this till the brush is clean enough. The alcohol in the cleanser disinfects the brushes and removes the surface makeup only. The alcohol in some cases stiffens the brushes and some residual makeup is also left behind. What this means is that at the end of the day, a pro makeup artist should do a deep cleaning.

Examples of quick cleansers are:
Parian Spirit
Elf Daily Brush Cleaner
Cinema Secrets

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly will make them last longer. To clean your brushes, you could either use a hair shampoo or solid brush soaps. Natural hair brushes should be treated like human hair or else they could become brittle and break.

The solid brush soap I am loving now is The London Brush Company Brush Shampoo. I purchased this from Gifty's Daughter Beauty at one of the Makeup Fair Series(can't remember which now!)
Its made of Pure Goat Milk, Palm butter,Olive butter, Coconut oil and Essential oils. These add up to give it some extra conditioning properties.

 How I Clean My Brushes:

  • Wet dirty brushes in warm water( not hot oooo!)

  • Swish in brush soap pot to lather.

  • Work and swirl brush in hand to clean.

  • Rinse well, preferably under running water.

  • Squeeze out excess water gently. Don't tug or pull the brush bristles.
  • Reshape your brushes whilst damp.
  • Dry flat on a paper towel.
clean makeup brushes

Once in a while, you should condition your natural hair bristles.
Massage some Coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil into your dry clean brushes.
Let it sit for a few minutes without rinsing.
Add some shampoo to bristles and massage into oil.
Add small amounts of water until it lathers.
Rinse and dry.

Additional Tips:
For personal use, quick clean daily and deep clean weekly.
For professionals, clean between each clients and do a full clean at the end of the day.
Never dry your brushes standing upright.
Never ever tug the bristles on your brush.
No matter how tempted you are, don't immerse the whole brush in water. Wash the bristles only and clean handle with anti-bacterial wipes
Some brush cleansers due to their high alcohol content seem to melt/bend some brush handles or alter their shape. Apply caution when spraying.
Go to jobs with Ziploc bags. If you aren't spot cleaning, throw dirty makeup brushes into ziploc bag to aid for easy sorting when you want to wash.

So beauties, how do you do your makeup brush laundry?
 Please do share yours, I will be delighted to read them.

Till my next post,
Stay beautiful & radiant
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