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So today's post will be a review on Casabella's Liquid Lips. Casabella is an indigenous beauty store. They stock different brands of cosmetics/beauty supplies and they also have their own line of beauty products. If you know me, you will know I appreciate good quality indigenous brands hence my purchase. Can't wait to find out more about this product? Let us get to the review proper.

Liquid lip products have been the rave of the moment and no one wants to be left out. Some have a matte finish to them, some are creamy while others are just in between.

This lip product comes sealed with cellophane. The cellophane has the ingredients clearly written on it. When the cellophane is taken off, it reveals a transparent plastic tube with a black screw-on cap typical of modern lip products. The transparent tube gives you a glimpse of the colour inside. Underneath the tube, the lip colour is labelled and the shade name and code are boldly written. The product comes with a doe foot applicator.

We will be reviewing the Casabella Liquid Lips in:
  • Liquid Lips Black- Red Carpet
This is a universal  gorgeous red shade that will suit almost all skin tones.

 In fact, think "liquid ruby woo". Red Carpet has a cherry scent to it and applies evenly. Make sure to start with a thin coat and apply more if desired.

still working on getting my lip swatches to look perfect! don't judge me....

You can also line the lips with a lip pencil, blend the liner well then apply the lippie. Most times.I prefer to apply mine straight unto the lips without lining depending on the look I am trying to achieve.

  •  Liquid Lips Black- Bitten
Bitten is a gorgeous dark burgundy shade with glitters that reflect purple.

The glitters are just the right amount and don't overpower the true shade of the lipstick. The reflection of the glitters adds that extra "oomph" to it.  Bitten has a chocolatey smell to it. This lippie applied evenly as well.

look how sheer it turned out

However, I was a little disappointed as this shade turned out to be sheer and I had to really layer it on to get my lips the way I wanted. It had more of a glossy feel. Red Carpet has a lot more pigmentation to it than this shade. If you are looking for a dark lip product that you can wear during the day, Bitten is it.

  • Liquid Lips Cream-Snowstorm
Snowstorm is a white shade with a creamy feel. It has a minty scent to it.

The minty scent reminds me so much of the LA Girl Glazed lip paints. I specifically got this shade to create an "ombre" effect with the other lippies.

Snowstorm used to create an "ombre" effect

That worked out well but it also occurred to me that I could as well mix the other lippies with Snowstorm to create a new shade *colour theory at work hehehee*.

I tried it and it gave me beautiful shades that I sooo loved.

In summary, I love these lip products as they are glossy and applied soo well. The pigmentation was also okay considering the amount a tube goes for. I just wished they were matte or semi-matte at least. That way, I wouldn't have to worry if they bleed off my lips later or if they would transfer when I'm eating or drinking. In all, this is a good product and I will definitely try their other shades.

Red Carpet-N1,900
Snowstorm- N2,000

Where to buy:
Casabella Stores nationwide

Have you tried any of Casabella Lip products?
I would love to hear your reviews.

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