TUTORIALS | Makeup 101: Tools and Disposables

Hey Beauties,
Its the 7th month already *whew*, I can't believe how much the months have gone by. In all,
I thank God for his goodness. Hope you all are feeling the weather, Happy July to you all.

I get asked by beginners especially, about tools and what they really need in their kit. Today we will be discussing tools and disposables. For those who know me, they know I am a true believer in sanitation and cleanliness with my makeup kit.You prevent transmission of skin infections or germs from one client to another when you are sanitary. What better way to do this than with the use of certain tools and disposables.  Disposables as the name implies are disposable makeup tools which you toss after use or give to the client for keeps for personal use after using it on them. Want to know the must haves? Dive right in!

Spatula or Palette Knife
Double ended spatula/palette knife