EVENTS | Pictures from the Enugu Make Up Fair (EMUF)2

Hey Dearies,
Hope you all are doing good and enjoying the holidays. The Enugu Make Up Fair (EMUF)2 has come and gone but the memories will be one that will linger for a long time. The city of Enugu played host to the second edition of the Enugu Makeup Fair organized by Pops Concepts! This event held last year but this year's was even bigger and better. The venue was a lot bigger, there were more exhibitors, there was an interactive session and of course the much anticipated Makeup Runway.

The Make Up Fair Series had introduced the Makeup Runway this year in all of the Make Up Fair Series held in other states and Enugu wasn't one to be left behind. Makeup Artists in and around Enugu flipped their brushes and showed their creative prowess. Yours truly was one of the makeup artists that were featured on the makeup runway. In all, it was a fun event as usual and I give credit to Pops Concepts and Q21 Solutions for organizing such a well planned event.

Enough of the rant, let us dive straight into the pictures!
As expected, Picture Overload! :)

Just arriving the venue
Registration Table

Cross section of MUAs & Omolola(4th from right) the brain behind The Makeup Fair Series

Excited to see my Lagos peeps; Yemisi and Lucy :)

Talking Faces

Makeup Maven NYNG

More from MakeupMaven
Gifty's Daughter Beauty
Beauty Essentials by Nsure

House of Tara

Angiez Glam

Dobzi Fingers at work

Me backstage, getting my model ready for the runway

Dobzi Fingers model

My model on the runway

 And the Make Up Artists Take a Bow:

Gerty Makeovers

Angiez Glam

Yours Truly, Lunmas' Touch

Dodzi Fingers

Picture Perfect Makeovers

Models Strike a Pose

Work hard, Play hard. MUAs having fun

My model & I with the MakeupMaven Team

Ify, Pastel creations with her models

Me, Myself & I signing out

Photo Credit: Lucas Ugo Photography

So dearies, this is how it went down at EMUF2.
Thanks to all who made this a success.
To all the Makeup Artists I worked with backstage,  it was nice meeting and working with you all .
 Kudos Pops Concepts for this great platform.

Till my next post,
Stay Beautie-ful & Radiant.
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