PRODUCT REVIEW: Beauty Essentials by Nsure(BEN) BEAUTY MAT

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How you doing? *In Wendy's voice* Don't mind me, I've been watching a lot of her lately. I trust we all are doing fine. In today's post, we will be reviewing the Beauty Essentials by Nsure(BEN) Beauty Mat. For the purpose of this review, we shall refer to Beauty Essentials by Nsure as BEN. Agreed? Okay that's fine, now lets move on.

Beauty Mat Folded

BEN is a new indigenous brand run by the ever energetic and ebony beauty Makeup Artist cum Blogger Yemisi Seriki Dada. She is also the Owner of Nsure Beauty Studio in Lagos. The product line was launched sometime early this year and they have the beauty mat, tote bag and a pencil/brush pouch in their line.

I purchased the BEN Beauty Mat for myself at the last Lagos Make Up fair(LMUF) that held sometime around June this year. On getting to their stand, I had an issue with deciding which colour to pick as there were "sooooo" many colours available. I had picked turquoise which happens to be my favorite colour, when my friend came over and requested I drop it and pick the pink colour. Piiiinnkk???? She said yes, you deal with women and a lot of them love the colour, pink. Whew!!!  After much persuasion, I gave in and got the pink shade of the BEN Beauty Mat.


The  BEN Beauty Mat is rectangular but can be folded and tied into a cylindrical shape for easy carriage. Two thick and durable ribbons are fastened to one end of the beauty mat to aid the tying process. Inscribed on the same end of the mat is the BEN logo. The beauty mat is made of  a durable material with glossy finish.

Beauty Mat unfolded

  • Keeps you organized
The BEN Beauty Mat is an essential accessory every MUA should own. I say its essential because it helps you stay organized. If you can't travel with your work table, this mat can go a long way to help you keep things in order. All you have to do is spread out your mat and set up your work tools, disposables and products on the mat. You can then work directly from the mat instead of going back and forth and digging for stuff in your makeup kit.

  •  Keeps things sanitary
It's glossy finish clearly shows that it was designed to help keep your kit sanitary. While working you may have to drop your spatula that has blobs of foundation on it, eyeshadow brushes, pencil shavings etc somewhere. You need not fret or worry anymore on which surface to drop them while busy working. You can just keep them on the mat. After a day's job, all you have to do is,wipe the BEN Beauty Mat with an anti- bacterial wipe and VoilĂ  your mat is clean again!

  • Helps reduce theft
If you are a Makeup Artist, you can relate to this. Do you get home and notice that some of your tools/products happens to "walk off" set? The truth is, when you are working straight off your kit, you may not notice when your products and tools take a walk even while you are present in the room. All your concentration is fixed on making your client look her very best and you may not notice when that "sister" who probably loves that lipstick more than you, makes away with the tube.

The BEN Beauty Mat in this case can serve as a "barricade". Once you have set up your work tools/ products on this mat, zip or lock your kit and keep this mat at your eye's reach while you work straight from the mat. Think of the Beauty Mat in this case as "Police Line Do Not Cross"....smiles *too many investigative movies* hahaha...I know.

The only downside to this accessory for me is that I own an average sized kit and the BEN Beauty Mat doesn't fit into it. I however don't see this as too much of an issue because I usually carry huge tote handbags and I manage to keep the mat by the side. I also believe that it will fit well in a Zuca Flyer(which I'm "eyeing" by the way) and other bigger rolling makeup kits.


Absolutely! BEN Beauty Mat is an indigenous and thoughtful beauty accessory that every professional makeup artist needs to own in their kit. What's more, the price is right and you may not need a replacement for a long period of time. I hear you can also request to have your business logo inscribed on the mat for you.


Or 08023623119

Do you own a BEN Beauty Mat or any of their products?
Kindly share your reviews, I would love to read from you.

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