CURRENT OBSESSION: Lock On Lash Adhesive

Hey Beauties,
I trust we all are doing great. I feel so excited when I happen to discover  a new product that will not only make my job easier but also save me some good time. So much so that I have become obsessed with the product. I mean, who wouldn't be?

 Enter the Lock on Lash Adhesive! It is an adhesive produced by International Makeup Artist Danessa Myricks under the brand name;I Make You Beautiful(IMYB). Lock on Lash Adhesive as the company says is a latex free lash adhesive, ideal for both strip or individual lash placement. It's a fast drying, flexible, odour free, burn free, comfortable, easy application and long wear adhesive.

I couldn't agree more. With other products, when you apply the adhesive to the band of strip lashes, you are required to wait for some time for the glue to get tacky before placing unto the eyes. This process can take quite some time which you may not have at that moment. This is because if you are applying the falsies on a client, you are not expected to blow on the adhesive to speed up the drying process. You should let it dry naturally because blowing on it isn't hygienic as bacteria can be passed through saliva when blowing the eyelashes. Talk about testing one's patience level...hahahaa

Lock on Lash Adhesive differs in this regard. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of the adhesive with the applicator brush it came with unto the band of the falsies. Then place it directly to the eyes. You can also apply another thin layer to seal the lashes and wear them up to a week. No waiting for the glue to get tacky and what not. How easy was that?
Alternatively, you can also line the lids with the adhesive and then press the lashes unto the adhesive. 

Do you experience the ends of your falsies lifting away? Worry no more as this glue can be used for touch ups as well. What is more, the black colour of  this adhesive helps to hide any flesh gaps between the natural lashes and falsies. The swatch I did on my wrist lasted me through two baths and it was a pain to take away with just soap and water.

If you intend using this glue to apply strip lashes for just a few hours of the day, be sure to have a good eye makeup remover. This adhesive is no child's play when it comes to its bonding abilities but the good news is that it is also great for sensitive eyes.

I hope you all can now understand why I am currently obsessed with this wonder of a glue?
Have you tried this adhesive?
Kindly share your thoughts.

Available @:
Stella's Addiction Boutique
Sit Pretty
Gifty's Daughter Beauty

Till my next post,
Stay Beau-tiful & Radiant,
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  1. A friend of mine told me how great it is,can't wait to try it out .Nice review

  2. Oluwaseun do try it out, it really is a great product.Thanks for stopping by.