Hey Lovelies,
Are you a lover of all things beautiful? Are you a fashion lover? Get ready for this.The world of fashion is coming to the city of Uyo! Its the Uyo Fashion Festival.

The Uyo Fashion Festival is a 5 day event holding from the 7th to the 11th of December, 2015. This event is organised by Ukrika & Nsene, the Second Hand Store & Uyo's Number One Online Fashion Marketplace respectively; brands which are still under development & will be launching full scale to the general public during the event.


Lunmas' Touch:Chi in Subtle Date Night Look

Hey Beauties,
Today's post is a look I did a little while ago on my friend Chi. She had a date night and trusted me to give her something subtle yet glam. She had this nude colored dress on so I went with a nude/gold shadow in her inner lid and mixed several shades of purple on her outer lids. I then went in to the crease and outer V with a really dark purple and blended everything together properly. Blending is key guys.


Baby Wipes Vs Face Wipes: Which is Better?

Hello Beauties,
Many a times in our busy lives, we tend to cut corners and look for the easy way out. Anything to save us some time even if it's a minuscule of a second. We don't mind, I mean we just don't care, so far it can mimic getting the real job done, we are cool. The product is affordable, ahn....now that's a huge plus, don't our wallets just love that? Then you find out it's convenient to use and trending. In fact every girl who feels she's chic uses it and you don't want to be caught dead doing things the old school way! So you waltz "shakiti bobo" style to your nearest supermarket to purchase a cart full of whichever brand that catches your fancy. I'm talking of the current global obsession of two popular Wet Wipes in the Beauty Industry: Baby Wipes & Face Wipes.



Hey Beauties,
I read with utmost disdain some few weeks ago, how a fellow Makeup Artist was maltreated and traumatized by a client to whom she went to offer her services. I was furious. I was livid. In fact, words fail me right now to really convey the exact emotion I felt that day up till this day on this issue. Too many questions went through my mind as to why, how and what exactly happened to this colleague of mine. I mean, it could have been any of us that had to go through all that harrowing experience. I knew I had to lend my voice to this but how could I? My laptop had been ruined in a house flood incident  from a few days back.