Baby Wipes Vs Face Wipes: Which is Better?

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Many a times in our busy lives, we tend to cut corners and look for the easy way out. Anything to save us some time even if it's a minuscule of a second. We don't mind, I mean we just don't care, so far it can mimic getting the real job done, we are cool. The product is affordable, ahn....now that's a huge plus, don't our wallets just love that? Then you find out it's convenient to use and trending. In fact every girl who feels she's chic uses it and you don't want to be caught dead doing things the old school way! So you waltz "shakiti bobo" style to your nearest supermarket to purchase a cart full of whichever brand that catches your fancy. I'm talking of the current global obsession of two popular Wet Wipes in the Beauty Industry: Baby Wipes & Face Wipes.

Baby Wipes as the name implies was originally made to clean baby's butt. However, women have taken over this product as they now use it to take off their makeup at the end of the day. Makeup Artists aren't left behind in this new craze as they have a stash of it in their kits and studio for use on client's face. Now I ask; Girls, how did we get here? The answer is simple: We think Baby Wipes are formulated to be gentle on baby's skin so therefore it will be gentle on facial skin. Now that's some really wrong thinking. In Zebrudaya's voice "fa fa fa fawul"!

Most Baby Wipes have been found to contain Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate and Propylene Glycol which causes facial skin irritations and rashes. While the beauty community was still trying to swallow this hard pill, it was also discovered that other baby wipes contain formaldehyde. What is more, most of them have fragrances and moisturizing properties that may trigger acne on the facial skin.

The mere fact that these wipes weren't made to break down makeup makes it even harder to use. They just spread the product all over the face and makes you apply so much pressure to take makeup off the face. Exerting pressure on the face isn't exactly what we need as too much of it can cause early wrinkles. I've used Baby Wipes in the past (yea I know, guilty me) and it made my face very blotchy.

Beauty Expert Laura Mercier has this to say on the use of Baby Wipes. "I cringe when I see women using baby wipes to remove their makeup. Those do not get the job done. Well, a baby's butt isn't covered in makeup that requires special ingredients for proper removal.

'Nuff said ladies, enough said.

Face Wipes aka Makeup Remover Wipes are pre moistened wipes made specifically to remove makeup. Yes they are designed for makeup removal or even described as a replacement to proper cleansing. Sometimes it can be a difficult task after a long hard day or night out to wash your face before hitting the sack but we all know it's essential. At times like these, face wipes come in handy. But then the question arises: Is it fine to clean your face with this wipes rather than cleanse properly?

Uhmmm, YES and NO. With no other solution available, Yes. At least the face wipes will do a good job of taking away the day's worth of bacteria, dirt, makeup, oil and what not that you come in contact with daily. All this grime if not taken away could lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts. So if you can manage to freshen up with a facial cleansing wipe, then that's better than sleeping with a face full of makeup.

No, because this practice shouldn't be a rule but an exception unless you want blotchy skin. Granted, Face Wipes do a better job than Baby Wipes of dissolving makeup but they aren't deep cleaning. Most contain chemicals and fragrances so if you don't rinse after using them, they may cause allergic reactions while you are sleeping.

To get the best results, after using face wipes to remove makeup, complete your night time routine with a face wash. That way, you will remove the last trace of cosmetics, dirt and dead skin cells. Your refreshed skin (yea, water refreshes) will thank you for that and your night time treatments will be better absorbed.

I've had a lot of ladies show concern about removing eye makeup with face wipes. They have to rub, tug and pull before their water proof liner or mascara can come off. Now, going back and forth, rubbing the eyes isn't good as it can cause wrinkles in the eye area. My hands down favorite Eye Makeup Remover is made by Clinique. Apply remover to a cotton pad, press down on eyelids and let it soak in. Wipe across the eyes to pick up waterproof mascara and eyeliners. Go over the eye with a clean pad until all makeup is off and proceed to normal cleansing. This Remover also works great on lips to remove the trending matte wear lippies.

In summary, go for facial wipes that are marked "Sensitive" as they are mild to the skin. To my fellow Makeup Artists reading this, Baby Wipes are helpful if you need to wipe your spatula, palette, brush handles, inside your kits, products off your hands and other surfaces generally. However, they shouldn't be found anywhere near your client's face. Face wipes are a better option any-day to Baby Wipes so please ditch the baby wipes for anything face-related.

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  1. Hmmm, l'm guilty of this act. Heading to the nearest store to get my own makeup remover. Thanks dear for this tip.

  2. Smiles...Its okay darling. We all used to be guilty at some point before now. I'm glad you know better and willing to change your skincare regime. Thanks a lot dear for stopping by. kisses