Hello Lovelies,
Its a new year and we have God to thank for bringing us this far. Last year may not have been all that we wished it was but then, we have this new year 2016 to look forward to. We bless God for the gift of life, good health, family, sound mind and provision of His never failing grace and mercy.

Happy New Year loves
I could go on and on listing all the good things God did for me in the previous year but I wouldn't want to bore you all with the details. Being alive and healthy is one of the greatest gifts any living being can have. Having you lovely Blog Visitors is also something I am grateful for. If you are still sulking about the "extras", take a trip to the hospitals and see if you won't have a change of mind and begin thanking your Creator.

A new year is here, what are your plans and goals? Now is the time to start working on them. List each of them down and start working on them. Are there bad habits, friendships or toxic relationships you want to quit? Ask the Holy Spirit for help, put it in prayers for on our own we can do nothing. Purge yourself of any negativity or hatred this year.

Walk in love, smile more, help people in need, show kindness, never be spiteful, correct with love and you will see how far all these acts will get you this year. Keep being optimistic even if any of your goals don't work out exactly as planned, most great men didn't get it right the first time.
I know its not exactly the first day or first week of the first month of the year, but this is my first post on the blog this year. PH Beautie & Lunmas' Touch n Events hereby, officially wishes you all a Productive and Great 2016, let's do it again this year.

P.S: Watch this space for my Giveaway Post soon.

Stay Beautie-ful & Radiant,
Love as always,
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