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You all should know by now my stand on practicing sanitary as a Makeup Artist. Nothing irks me than seeing a Makeup Artist whip out dirty brushes and tools. My OCD  love for my tools ever looking "spick and span", has led me to look out for easy and new ways to keep my babies (brushes) clean.

Enter the Brush Egg. The Brush Egg is a tool I suggest every Makeup Artist should own. As professionals, we are always in the business of using brushes and in turn cleaning them. Doing brush laundry can be a bit of a task especially when trying to wash off product trapped inside the large head brushes.

Now, I haven't changed the way I clean my brushes, but this little guy here has made my brush laundry more efficient, faster and even cleaner. Yes I said it, cleaner.
The Brush Egg made by the Brush Egg Company, has ridges on one side of it and an insert where you can put a finger or two while cleaning you brushes. The other side has the product name "Brush Egg" inscribed on it. It is available in 4 colours.

There are 2(two) patterns of ridges on the Egg Brush. One side is a bit spaced apart, while the other side is more clustered together. I use the closely clustered ridges to clean my smaller brushes eg; the detail, eye shadow and lip brushes and the bolder ridges to clean my bigger brushes.

To clean brushes using Egg Brush, simply;

1. Wet dirty or used brushes in warm water

2. Pour some of your brush cleaner/shampoo unto the Brush Egg. You can choose to put your fingers into the insert or just hold it. I find that if I am cleaning alot of brushes, the Brush Egg tends to get slippery, so I just hold most times.

3. Now, start swirling the brushes in subtle, circular motions on the Egg Brush. Tip: If cleaning smaller brushes, you can hold 3-4 brushes and wash them at the same time using the smaller side of the ridges. This saves time especially if you have a lot of brushes to clean. The Brush Egg can also be use to clean Beauty Blenders as well.

4. Watch as all the product trapped inside the brush bristles just go away with each swirl. You may need to repeat until the brush is squeaky clean. Rinse in cold water.  I had earlier done a post on the right way to clean brushes. If you missed that post, click HERE.  Its a very detailed post and will take you through how to condition your brushes if need be.

The Egg Brush is one tool I have found very useful lately. It has helped clean better my Duo Fibre foundation brushes and I couldn't be happier. With its price at N1,000, I think its a steal and worth every kobo. It is durable and will not need replacing in a while so, go get yours. 

Available @; beautyessentialsbynsure or www.brushegg.com

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Stay Beautiful & Radiant
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